MOVE – Liquid Water Enhancer

Activate your energy.

PREP – CBD Recovery Salve

Nurture your power.

GLOW – Lifestyle Support Tincture

Sustain your rhythm.


Karen Maxwell is Senior Master Instructor and Manager of CycleStar Development at CycleBar, one of the premier names in boutique fitness. In collaboration with America’s Finest CBD, she brings you KINISI PERFORMANCE, a CBD line dedicated to nurturing the energy, rhythm, and power of the active individual.


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Lauren “Lolo” Wilson

CycleBar Senior Master Instructor

I’ve worked in Fitness for two decades and I am very particular with products I use, especially when it comes to my health & wellbeing.  What I love about Kinisi is that I experience real-time results and I have peace of mind knowing I am using quality-clean ingredients! Unlike other pre-workout products that are filled with junk and leave you feeling jittery and unable to focus, Kinisi Move gives you the edge to take fitness to another level with confidence.  I take Kinisi Glow to help maintain my focus and Prep is the best post-workout treat to ease muscle soreness and relax at the end of the day.

Donna Cennamano

CycleBar Senior Master Instructor

I’ve taught and taken performance-driven fitness classes for almost 20 years, and nothing has boosted the quality of my workout like MOVE. For my own workout, I find that it activates and increases energy. In the classes I teach, it sharpens my ability to coach a room while also driving high-intensity effort! I rely on GLOW for sustained focus and clarity each day. It promotes a groundedness that I’ve grown accustomed to in my daily routine — so much that I can feel when I haven’t used it!