You are busy. Thoughts are at war inside your brain, each one battling for more and more of your attention. Work. Kids. Oh yeah, and this whole pandemic thing. A lot of times, the bad thoughts – the ones that cause stress (2020, anyone?) – overwhelm the good thoughts. And so we lose focus, especially when we work out. High intensity workouts cause the body to produce cortisol, a catabolic hormone (read: breaks down molecules), which not only halts protein synthesis and negatively impacts muscle growth, but increases stress – while decreasing your ability to focus. Stress begets more stress, which begets more cortisol release. 

That’s why we created MOVE. 

Using MOVE as an anti-catabolic substance (read: anti-stress) may counter cortisol secretion, naturally improving one’s focus during exercise. This would in turn allow the secretion of dopamine and serotonin, hormones that improve memory, overall happiness, and focus, to be more impactful during and after a workout. We like to think of MOVE as a weapon for our good thoughts; armed with it, the bad thoughts don’t stand a chance.

Feel for yourself.