Get in Those Extra Reps with CBD

Whether you’re cycling at your favorite studio or hitting the gym, getting in those last reps of any set should be trying. Recent studies have shown that achieving muscle growth can even be completed at a lighter weight as long as you perform to muscular failure. That means those last sets should definitely be the hardest, making you push yourself and find better ways to improve endurance. Skip pre-workout supplements and try CBD for getting in those extra reps.

Achieving Your Fitness Goals by Improving the Quality of Each Workout with CBD

Pushing your body to muscular failure, even if you’re using lighter weights, has been proven to help achieve muscle growth. We all need a little help sometimes, making your fitness tools so crucial. Pre-workout supplements may give you that initial pump helping you achieve this goal but they’re filled with artificial ingredients, preservatives, caffeine, and fillers. Investing in your health and future really needs to be consistent throughout your entire lifestyle. Hitting the gym regularly is great but you won’t achieve your goals without the proper nutrition. CBD is inherently nutrient-dense, offering omega fatty acids along with antioxidants. CBD may also improve your mobility and endurance, working as a natural pre-workout supplement. Many of our clients have reported better recovery times when taking CBD both pre- and post-workout. The quicker you recover, the harder you can hit all of your gym or cycling sessions.

KINISI Performance CBD for Optimizing Endurance

The promising pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD may boost your workout potential, that’s why we’ve created a proprietary line of products driven to help you perform. KINISI Performance CBD may also improve mental clarity and drive, helping you focus on making sure you hit your failure point at the end of each set.

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